Numeracy for Adult Education Learners (Guest Post: Christiane Astridge, Luton Adult Learning)

In this guest post, Christiane Astridge (Luton Adult Learning), describes some of the successes of using different numeracy strategies with adult learners.

At Luton Adult Learning we tested the app in a session with a group of nine adult learners with learning difficulties currently enrolled on our pioneering Apprentice Steps programme. One of the learners, who has high functioning Asperger's syndrome, achieved 100% accuracy in 45 seconds at his second attempt on the random 20 questions. Another of the learners, who has a maths phobia, was initially very nervous and put off by the timer. To help overcome this, she was persuaded to write the 2 times table down and use it to begin with to help her answer the questions. By the end of the session she was consistently getting 10/12 without using her written notes. She was delighted with her own progress.

With the other eight learners we could see how the reporting system would be very useful and were surprised by the number of questions that could be attempted in such a short time.