Real Progress, Really Quickly (Guest Post: Sue Teague, Caddington Village School)

Caddington Village School has been involved with the development and trial of the Number.fy app from its very early days and is seeing some real impact on learning. We have a class set of Android smart phones (30 Orange San Francisco 1 and 2 phones) and a subscription with Flurrish for 240 pupils - so a total cost of under £3,500.

Last year we used the phones and app daily with two Year 4 classes and about three times a week with Year 6 in the run up to SATs. As well as seeing a marked improvement in their times table knowledge, we saw pupils' confidence grow - and we saw them having FUN doing maths! They were keen to improve their scores, to play, to learn - they genuinely wanted to know what mistakes they had made and then shared techniques to help each other to remember 'sticky' times tables.

Meanwhile, teachers had a wealth of data instantly available and easily accessible - in a couple of mouse clicks they were able to see how many pupils in their class didn't know what 7x8 was (or any other question). This is what makes the Number.fy app really special - knowing who those pupils were, what answer they had entered (instead of 56) and exactly how long it had taken them to answer it... that's a lot of very useful information for very little effort!

Currently, our Year 2 pupils are using the phones daily, with two classes sharing the class set. They play for up to ten minutes a day - either all together as a 'starter' to their numeracy activity, or just when they have a few minutes free in their day. The graphs below illustrate the progress of one of the classes; on the 11th September they answered 57% of their tables correctly (mostly focusing on 1x and 2x tables). By December 19th they answered 89% correctly - but are now recalling answers from across the full range of times tables.

September 11th 2013

December 19th 2013

We have seen real progress, cost effectiveness and fun learning for our pupils - coupled with easily accessible and detailed data for teachers that is fed straight back into lessons. This impacts immediately on the teaching and learning of maths.