NEWSFLASH: Kurio 4s Touch

Following on from our device recommendations, we wanted to highlight the wide availability and low cost of the Kurio 4s Touch (currently £45 at Amazon). There are a range of Kurio devices including 7" and 10" tablets all at low prices and designed to be child-friendly.

We have briefly tested the Kurio 4s Touch and wanted to comment on it - for the size screen, it is a slightly clunky device. It is perhaps not the prettiest device we've seen and is rather non-descript. It is however amazingly light which is perfect for young children. It has the appearance of being rugged and whilst obviously not designed to be thrown around, we do think it is one of the more robust devices we've seen - time will tell. To our surprise the 4" hi-res screen is quite rich, vibrant and bright - pleasureable to use, it is ideal for viewing apps. The interface feels fast and fluid and runs Android 4.2 - this offers a significant number of improvements over earlier Android versions and makes it a good learning device for the classroom.

Overall then we can't fault the price - it is a HUGE amount of device for the investment. It has a good screen, is light and runs a relatively recent version of Android. We can't comment on battery life, however it does have a 2000mAh LiIon battery which, given there is no mobile comms, should allow reasonable run time. We'll report back further once we hear more.

In short, we can only say that this is a perfect accompaniment for Number.fy!