Multi Device Chargers

The slightly less glamorous side of mobile devices (smartphones, PDAs and tablets) is storing and charging them. And if you were at BETT 2014 you will have seen a plethora of these facilities, but mostly targeted at Apple products. As we have noted before, Android is our preferred platform of development and we are beginning to see a swing in devices as more schools look to invest in affordable mobile technologies. And surprisingly, the market is somewhat bereft of choice for multi-device chargers that are focused upon the standard micro-USB plug. One, two or four are easy.... but beyond that?

We have been in contact with a variety of suppliers and identified the following two 16-device charging stations that are economic. These are from ChargeBus and Parasync Universal Hub from Parotext-IT. Both around £500 plus VAT.

We can't comment on the quality but they both provide ~2 Amps per port and appear well built, so they should provide fast charging and longevity.