Impact through Practice (Guest Post: Richard Kingham, Caddington Village School)

In our Y2 class we have been using mobile devices (San Fransisco II phones and Kurio's) daily since September 2013 to practice our times tables (Ed: see earlier post). Today we reached something of a milestone; 16 out of 22 of my pupils have already achieved their end of year target of knowing their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

A 7 year old girl was the first to get 100% correct - she answered 180 randomly generated times tables questions (including 11x and 12x tables) and got every one correct. In less than six months this child has gone from not knowing what a times table was to learning them all!

The confidence the Number.fy maths app has given her is fantastic and, according to her mother, has also massively boosted her enthusiasm for practising at home. I have 4 other children who have since matched this huge achievement. Without a doubt, daily practise is what makes it so successful.

Number.fy has saved me hours of marking and given me in-depth detail about what my kids do and don't know. At the end of each 10 minute gaming session I can see a summary of all of their results in an easy to digest format; I display this on the whiteboard and we run through the 'sticky' times tables and try and find ways to memorise them. This is what makes Number.fy better than similar numeracy products – the quantity and quality of pupil data. I can use this to target their learning in a precise way. The other big attraction for me is how much fun we have using Number.fy – the pupils never tire of it and are always keen to show off their knowledge.

The benefits to pupils are not purely restricted to times tables but extend to general confidence, enthusiasm for numeracy and developing pride in their successes. Using Number.fy has been transformational for the pupils in my class.