BETT 2015 Roundup

Thanks to all our visitors at the BETT Show who helped make it a tremendously successful event. We welcomed 100s of people to the stand and between us all played over 10,000 times tables questions! We would particularly like to thank Sue Teague, Richard Kingham and Joe Teague from Caddington Village School who talked about their experiences in using Number.fy in the classroom and the remarkable results they achieved.

Our "lead" flyer was the one below - this makes many teachers stop in their tracks because they know that many pupils do not know their times tables in year 6, let alone the new national curriculum expectation of year 4. To be largely achieving this in Year 2 is remarkable result - and that is our promise as a company. Number.fy came out of our own experiences as parents and governors - we understand the need, developed the technology to support it and were determined to quantitatively demonstrate it. We believe in the power of practise, in supporting the staff and students to achieve this and to make it fun along the way. A 10-minute starter every day for a class of 25 will generate ~200,00 questions over the year and a similar result. We know schools across the country can replicate this success over and over.