Using School Performance Data

Following on from the previous blog about Flurrish’s headteacher report, this is a guest post from Sue Teague, headteacher at Caddingon Village School.

So, what did you do with YOUR data? These were my actions as soon as the e-mail landed...

  • Shared the e-mail with key staff in briefing and forwarded them the flurrish e-mail (Time: 2 minutes)
  • Sent the mail to admin and technical staff and asked that they check the correct number of children are registered with the app and playing; in short, do the mumbers/names tally? (Time: 5 minutes)
  • Made sure the app is being played at an appropriate level (i.e. the 'Goldilocks Factor'). Too little could mean pupils won't learn and progress, too much might mean they are being given the devices instead of high quality teaching and learning. (Time: 5 minutes)
  • I saved the data, ready to use at the next Teaching and Learning committee meeting of the Governing Body to provide feedback to governors. It directly demonstrates how we are using the app and shows value for money (Time: 2 minutes)

The data provided is too valuable to just sit in your inbox - share it, use it, learn from it.