The Headteacher's Report

Following on from the previous blog (about our QpDpD, known as Cupid, stat), one of the services we provide at Flurrish is a half-termly summary performance report that is sent to the headteacher. This provides a detailed class breakdown. Here’s an example of one:

What can the head immediately see from this? Over the half-term (5 weeks) the 2-class intake primary school has

  • a total of 106,596 times tables questions answered
  • Class 5A have answered a large number of questions per pupil over this period, but the percentage correct is relatively low.
  • Class 5B have answered far fewer questions (Cupid=16.6) , more slowly but their accuracy is better
  • 6A have a large number of questions answered per pupil, rapidly with a high percentage correct
  • 6B have played very few questions (Cupid=6.6) although are accurate

The headteacher can also see how they have performed (in bold) against other 10 other schools in the area (ordered by Cupid):


Some further points to draw out:

  • they are in the top three for Cupid (38)
  • however this masks the two low Cupid scores for 5B and 6B
  • the accuracy is broadly similar between schools, but masks variability between classes

Remember that these classes should be able to complete 40 questions in a 10 minute starter session. If a 30 pupil class plays every day, then (30 pupils x 5 days x 40 questions) they’ll answer 6,000 questions per week.

Next blog is about actions you might take following a report like this.