Cupid - what are you pupils doing?

At Flurrish we provide reports to our schools on a regular basis with summary gameplay on a daily/weekly basis by class and half-termly monitoring of classes within schools (which we send to the headteacher) and of schools which we anonymise so that schools can see how they are doing comparatively (and we'll be outlining this in a follow-on blog).

But Cupid? Well, just a reminder from our webpage outlinig "why Flurrish":

MASSIVE practice: a 10-min starter, 30 children and 40 questions a day. That's 6000 questions a week!!

If times table learning is embedded in the classroom it should take an age 8 pupil who knows their times tables about 1 minute to answer 20 questions. Achieving 40 questions per day is a realistic goal and one that leads, as we say, to 6000 questions per week.

So, that's our statistic - Questions per Pupil per Day (QpPpD) or Cupid!!

It's helpful as it summarises how much a child, class or school is playing over a period of time and allows you to investigate anomalies further.

Why 40? Well experience has suggested that this leads to effective repetitive practice, but it's an area we are working with schools on to see what is effective. At this stage we would suggest this is a minimum, but any comments based upon classroom experience would be welcomed!