Just 20 Random Questions...

Numberfy is just a tool in your mathematical teaching arsenal, an aid to helping children master the number foundations. By design, we've tried to replicate the way times tables are taught in the classroom, but really it's about slotting in to teachers' needs and the way they deliver the curriculum. However we do get asked about "preferred" methods that both engages and maximises learning - in this context there is one game that we push above all the others: the random 20 (20 randomised questions across the 1-12x tables or the question mark on your game screen). And that's for FOUR great reasons:

  1. Real Life: in the real world we rarely need to perform calculations in a pre-defined order.
  2. Better Learning: in our whitepaper we highlight interleaving as a major technique in more effective and longer lasting memorisation. Randomising questions taps into this aspect heavily - with demonstrable success.
  3. Baseline Testing: do you want to know how well your children are learning? Then baseline test them regularly - low stakes, little and often. You will understand in detail what they know and don't know.
  4. Statutory Testing: no one knows what the government testing will involve, but it would be a good bet that randomised questions will be in there. If your students can do this in Numberfy well, then they will ace the government test, with no stress.