How did you do? 2017-18 school data

Pupils played a mammoth 12.2 MILLION questions last year! Yup, we enjoyed crunching and reviewing a vast amount of data - showing a staggering amount of play and a whole lot of learning. These are the top results for a single day:

  • 111,000 questions
  • 93 classes
  • 1324 pupils
  • 194 questions per pupil

That is some impressive times table play and we are hugely proud of the achievements of the pupils across our schools. This year is looking to trump this by some margin. So far, over 3.5 MILLION questions have been played which means, at this rate, pupils could end up playing over 20 MILLION questions this year. So far this year the top results are:

  • 159,000 questions
  • 101 classes
  • 1752 pupils
  • 108 questions per pupil

Last year we looked at the top 10 hardest times table questions... has this changed? This year we have a data bank of 3.5 MILLION answers where pupils played 20 randomised questions. This is a great basis on which to assess the hardest (greatest error rate) questions. This year it is:

8x6 6x8 7x8 8x7 4x8 8x4 7x6 6x7 7x7

And our firm favourites are in there - it is again the centre of the times table square that is causing the problems with 8x6 and 6x8 taking the top spots with 28% of questions answered incorrectly. These are the gaps in learning for pupils as they try to remember number facts. So, what are your best strategies for their memorisation? We look forward to hearing from you.