One number to rule them all... MASTERY

One number to rule them all... that is Mastery! Here at Flurrish HQ we have been trying to make reviewing and understanding your pupil data both simple and informative, something that pupils can use to guide their learning, teachers can use to personalise learning and Senior Leaders can use to make strategic decisions.

In the last blog we discussed how summary gameplay for each individual pupil can provide vital baseline data for the year ahead so that it is easy to demonstrate progress and identify where this is above or below expectations.

However we wondered if we could summarise this in a single number to incentivise learners - Mastery is our answer. We started by thinking about the two things pupils have been most competitive about…

(1) Speed

(2) Accuracy

Quite simply, Mastery calculates the number of questions answered per minute, then multiplies this by the percentage of answers that were correct. The faster you go and the more questions you get correct, the higher your score.

If learners are looking for a single number to measure themselves against or compete with friends, then Mastery conveys it simply. To push your score higher you must go faster, yet still get as many questions correct as possible. This taps into one of the key tenets of Number Fact learning (see our Whitepaper Learning Number Facts) - really push yourself "at the edge" in order to improve ("purposeful practise"). Work at getting your Mastery scores higher and you really will commit number facts to memory.

With the imminent release of the new version of Number.fy to the Play and App stores, we are excited to announce that Mastery is one of the game stats that pupils can access from the NEW pull-out tab. Tap on the icon and see all your Mastery scores for the current session.

Watch this space for our release announcement!