Flurrish User Group 2015 Summary

Caddington Village School hosted the third annual Flurrish User Group, this year headlined by Dr Tom Mitchell speaking on "Making Practice Perfect." Tom talked about the use of spaced repetition in learning, the different types of memory deployed by the brain and the role of executive functioning. There was considerable discussion around the importance of working memory and using standardised testing to measure this and so help pupils improve it. This naturally led on to the sorts of feedback given by apps (and cognitive rationale for this) as well as wider strategies to improve learning. View Tom's presentation and hear his talk using the links below.

Amanda Howes (Head of School, Slip End) outlined the impact upon results of whole school deployment. Richard Kingham (Y2 Teacher, Caddington Village School) and Adam Burgess (Y4 Teacher, Slip End) then talked on "Practise Makes Perfect" and how they have deployed Number.fy across two different schools and the results they have seen this year. There was a focus upon the strategies used in the classroom and how this supports delivering the National Curriculum. Sue Teague (Executive Head, Caddington) then talked upon the whole-school testing and the use of Number.fy within the context of metrics for monitoring and feedback to governors.

An excellent day that provided both an academic backdrop to learning and a range of practitioner experience.