New Year, New Start

The new school year marks doing more, with less, with the same children, some new ones, some having moved to pastures new and seemingly less time to do it all in! The government remains as committed to number facts as ever and is this is placing more and more demands on knowledge.

2014/15 was a successful year for the schools enrolled with Flurrish, answering over 900,000 questions over the year. That's a lot of practice! We hope that this year we can beat that 1M marker! As ever it takes a little while for school year fever to settle down and make sure all the class lists are up to date and everyone accessing the service. However practice waits for no one and the sooner you get started the more deeply memorisation will sink in. This is particularly true for the early starters in year 2, and very much so for those on boosters leading up to SATs in year 6. And for those using Number.fy for baseline testing it's critical to get up and running as soon as possible.

So there's lots going on and we hope to keep you posted!