100% in KS2 Maths SATs (Guest Post: Sue Teague)

We are delighted with our Key Stage 2 SATs results this year... 100% (54) of our pupils achieved Level 4 or better! We put a big part of this success down to our use of the Number.fy app.

Our Year 6 Pupils have used the app daily to practice their times tables and number bonds. Knowing your times tables will not in itself secure enough marks to achieve Level 4, the app has done much more than this. Our pupils have enjoyed maths, found it fun and have been used to operating under pressure. The app promotes mental agility and pupils have enjoyed discussing strategies for remembering or working out the answers.

Teachers have had the benefit of knowing what pupils can and can’t do – as soon as the pupils have finished playing – no waiting, no marking, just timely, accurate feedback and meaningful discussion about maths.

It’s not all about achievement though...what about progress? 52 out of the 54 pupils made 2 levels progress from KS1. If you haven’t done the maths yet that’s 96% of pupils making 2 levels progress.

We are hugely proud of our pupils and staff, so thank you Flurrish for contributing to our success.

Guest Post: Sue Teague, Headteacher, Caddington Village School