Half-a-Million Questions and counting...

Putteridge Primary reached the milestone of half-a-million times table questions answered so far this year... and counting!! The milestone came on a grey dreary January day, but that belies the huge progress that pupils have made. As they note:

"The children in Upper Key stage 2 work independently on the app for 10 minutes each day - the data is logged and the teachers are able to analyse the responses to find out strengths and potential areas for improvement.

As well as the children's enjoyment of the use of the hi-tech devices, the results have been really pleasing. For example, the percentage success for answering random tables questions has increased by over 5%. In addition, the time taken to complete each question has reduced dramatically.

By increasing the 'fluency' of the children's responses, the children are able to approach other maths questions with increased confidence."

And just as a reminder, success is driven by staff and pupils for the following two reasons:

1. Staff ensure that there is 10 minutes of "play" each and every day. This is a non-negotiable for learning.
2. Staff review the results and then help pupils to target the "gaps" in knowledge/understanding.

Numberfy is the perfect partner for this because you get incredible density of practice in the classroom - and all of that data is then available to review rapidly.