Case Study: deploying Kindle Fire

[with thanks to Amanda Burrett, Learning Resources Co-ordinator, Shefford Lower School]

We get a range of queries about what sort of devices to use Number.fy on and our response is that it will run on anything, be that a 4" smartphone, 7" phablet or 10" tablet! Well, almost anything - the only device that has defeated us is an Archos 70c Xenon, although from our testing we think this is an issue with a driver on the device itself.

One of the benefits of deploying on Android is the vast array of devices at a range of price points. And as schools are price conscious lower priced models often have a look-in. With that in mind Amanda Burrett at Shefford Lower School deployed a set of Kindle Fires for their pupils - and because we know it's useful to others, here are her comments:

  • they were rcheap and readily available
  • there is an option to pay £10 more per device and not get adverts
  • they took about 5-7 minutes per device to set up
  • because of the proxy settings, you need to choose to "complete set up later" when initially setting them as you can't access the advanced wifi settings at that point
  • you cannot just restore them from back-up to set up new ones
  • use the Apps and Games application settings to disable various things like Location Services and notifications.
  • after downloading Number.fy and pulling the device ID off, I used Parental Controls and blocked all app types except Games (Number.fy falls in this category)
  • you get the Device ID from the Docs app under Local Storage and device-id.log

Hope that's helpful to others as it's always good to see what similar schools are doing.