Quite simply an efficient and effective solution for the teaching of times tables.”

After seeing Number.fy in use at another school, I knew we had to implement it. Ten minutes a day soon resulted in super progress in key number skills. The impact was also clearly evident in their wider use of mathematics: children were no longer held back by recall of key number facts.

— Rob Weightman, Headteacher

“We saw rapid improvement.”

We implemented Number.fy in-class for a month long Y6 trial and saw rapid improvement in the accuracy and speed of times tables, as well as identifying a SEN referral..

— Sue Teague, Headteacher

"Ultimately a more successful way of helping our children learn their multiplication tables."

Number.fy is a new, interesting - and ultimately, more successful - way of helping our children learn their multiplication tables.  The children are fully engaged with the app and it provides regular, consistent practice to ensure the facts are retained in their long term memory. For teachers, the website provides an in-depth breakdown for each child and each multiplication table so that the next steps for learning are easily identifiable. 

Adam Burgess, Teacher

"Number.fy increases children's mental agility and resilience."

Having been involved with Flurrish from the very start it has been great to see children continue to engage with this app and the skills it teaches. Far more than just times tables and number bonds, Number.fy increases children's mental agility and resilience. Daily game play increases children's motivation for Maths and allows for competitions between peers and other classes.

— Richard Kingham, Teacher

"As a teacher the analysis website is great."

We have been using Number.fy for over a year and seen some significant improvements in our KS2 children's knowledge of the times tables. The effect is seen in maths lessons and also in SATS tests. The children are enthused by the challenge and simplicity which makes Number.fy accessible to all. Once the children have understood the challenge of getting a balance between speed and accuracy they can really flourish!!

As a teacher the analysis website is great. So many answers checked and marked quickly with the ability to quickly identify issues and weaknesses. Teaching and learning can then be targeted directly.

The only issue now is getting enough devices into school for everyone to use !!

— Marcus Ray, Assistant Headteacher

Pupils using Number.fy can be up and running in the classroom within seconds meaning they spend the maximum amount of time learning and the minimum amount of time fighting technology.