Frequently Asked Questions

How do I goto Guest Mode? Guest mode is a fall back if there is no internet connection so just turn off wifi and it will then switch over to that
What device maintenance is there? 1. Cleaning the screen daily using a microfibre cloth this keeps the phone clean and improves the responsiveness of the touch screen.
2. Power off and charge each device daily
My username is not listed Please Register first! Click the Register button. Remember you need to
(1) Select your name
(2) Choose your picture
(3) Draw your gesture.
For the gesture you need to draw it, confirm you wish to keep it (or,try again), then re-draw it to confirm your gesture. You're in!
I can only select guest mode The phone cannot connect to the internet to login. Please check:
(1) Your wifi is connected (you will need your tech support to have,connected to wifi and entered the password the very first time you use,it)
(2) You have entered your proxy server settings (you will need your tech support for these settings)
I can't login Make sure you have selected your class and your name. Then select your,animal and draw your gesture. You should now be logged in.
Nothing happens when I draw my gesture You have not drawn it quite right have another try.
I can't remember my gesture/animal All teachers have results accounts where login details can be checked.
Which times table game should I play? 1x-12x: these play random times table questions up to 12.
In order: when this box is ticked the times tables are played in order/sequence
X2: squares
?: randomized times tables from 1x to 10/12x
What if I make a mistake when playing Hit the yellow backspace key. It deletes your last digit.
I get a Force Close message Not to worry! Go back to the main screen using the home button along the bottom. Restart the app.
Pupils keep making the same mistakes Don't forget to remind pupils to review their answers after they finish a,game - red squares will show them which answers they got wrong and the,correct result.
Young pupils might not be able to remember their login A graphical login is very effective for children and prevents them playing under someone elses name. However you can always start young children with the same animal and gesture (e.g. tiger and a tick) at the very beginning and then start using individual logins later on. You can check a login on the results website and "unregister" a pupil (see screencast) which requires them to register at the next login.

Technical Setup Guide