Massive repetitive practice - no other app will give you so much game time in such a short space of time. Use as a 15-minute lesson starter and each child will answer 40+ questions.


Simple Gameplay - we don't let animations, stars or widgets get in the way of answering questions. We keep it simple and children find it engaging and competitive.


Gesture-based login - no fumbling with keyboards, as we use a gesture to login. Be up and learning in 10 seconds. Children as young as 5 find it intuitive and responsive!


Feedback - lots of responsive feedback. Hear a "ping" when you get a question right, feel a gentle vibration when it's wrong and get a marksheet instantly at the end of a game. Our schools "play to the sound of maths."


Analytics - nobody does analytics quite like Flurrish. Get to the data you need, rapidly, easily and visually!


Security - we take your security seriously. All games over an encrypted SSL connection, only registered devices can connect with us, all results are stored on the device before being returned to us. And if you wifi is down... you can carry on playing!