Number.fy is a simple low-cost maths app designed for daily use in the classroom, with a proven track record of producing a dramatic improvement in the mental maths abilities of pupils.


Because we're passionate about doing ONE THING amazingly well:

  • MASSIVE practice: a 10-min starter, 30 children and 40 questions a day. That's 6000 questions a week!!
  • No marking: yes, that's 6000 questions and all instantly marked and summarised online for you!
  • Summary Reports: receive weekly, monthly or half-termly summary reports to see how all your classes are doing.

Learning Number Facts

a FREE whitepaper on the principles and practice of. Learn about:

  • how memory works
  • current best practice
  • optimum learning strategies
  • case studies of classroom use

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1. Pick up and Play


Use our intuitive graphical login system to be playing within seconds. No typing of passwords - just pick up and play!

2. Automatically Marked

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All question results automatically returned to a centralised server - login to the results website and immediately view your summary charts. You'll rapidly be able to see what your pupils don't know and teach to the gaps.

3. Demonstrate Impact

Download raw and group data to show progress to senior leaders, governors and school inspectors.


"Quite simply an efficient and effective solution for the teaching of times tables.”